Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Table For Four: Chuck E Cheese's

Yes, you read that right, it was a table for a mere four. DD11 is enjoying a few weeks visiting relatives with her grandparents, so Hubby and I have the whole house to ourselves with only two little boys to keep us company. It's a bit lonely by our usual standards, lol. We were bored over the weekend, so we decided to venture further south than usual and check out the Chuck E. Cheese's in Ft. Meyers.

The drive down was easy, and this place is a breeze to find. It's located on Cleveland Ave., which is actually just 41, aka Tamiami Trail.

We hadn't been to a Chuck E's in a while, and never at this location, but everything was familiar from our previous experiences dating all the way back to our own Showbiz Pizza days. The only real modernization is the matching UV stamp your family receives at the door, ensuring that your party leaves together.

I had printed out some coupons before we left, but the deals on the menu turned out to be just as good for a small party. We got the Super Savers deal with one pizza, two drinks, and tokens. I forget the price, but it was around $25. The coupon I had included four drinks, which was unnecessary. I did use the coupon for "Buy 60 tokens, get 25 free," so we spent around $40 total for food, drinks and about 100 tokens.

The pizza was adequate. It's not my favorite pizza, by a long shot, but for "fast food pizza," it's pretty flavorful. It is, of course, overpriced for what it is, but that's to be expected at a place like this, I suppose.

DS3 was overjoyed to be at Chuck E. Cheese's. He danced and pranced all around, and generally could barely contain himself. I took him to play a bowling game while we waited for our pizza, and he had fun. After we ate, though, all he wanted to to was play in the tubes. He probably only used 2 or 3 tokens out of all the ones we bought, so Hubby and I took turns watching the tubes while the other went and played some games. I took the baby to the toddler area for a while, but without the ball pit there isn't much he can really do yet. He sat on a few rides, and he seemed to like it, but he'll be able to do more in a few months when he's walking.

After we finally talked DS3 down from his perch, we took our stack of tickets over to the ticket-munching machine. Hubby and I had collected about 600, and DS3 picked out a Toy Story art set, a Tootsie Roll, and a Tootsie Pop. All in all, we had about two and a half hours of fun for about forty bucks, about on par with what we'd spend at a movie. We had a good time, and we're thinking about having a birthday party here next month.

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