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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Table for Five: Cheeburger Cheeburger

Last night, DD11 got her progress report, which showed all all A's! She also had two new test grades for Language Arts and Science, both of which were A's. To celebrate, we decided to drive up to Sarasota and go to Cheeburger Cheeburger.


Hubby and I both opted for the Semi Serious size. We got one large order of cheese fries to split, which was DD11's whole meal, since she doesn't actually eat cheeseburgers, lol. She does love milkshakes, and she and I both got milkshakes as our meal beverage. DS3 got a chicken finger kid meal. We ended up spending $31 and change, which is really not much more than we'd spend at a fast food place. This is not a place we go to for the cheap prices, though.

rating: ***


For those who have never been to Cheeburger Cheeburger, all I can say is: go. Their burgers are made from 100% fresh angus beef, and they are delicious. You can choose from eight cheeses, including American, Swiss, feta, bleu, provolone, and pepperjack. You then choose your own toppings from a list of twenty-eight, including everything from lettuce and onions to pineapple and peanut butter. Add-ons include baconan, sauteed mushrooms and/or onions, and a grilled portobello, but these cost extra. You end up with a super personalized burger that is just to die for. Their beverage menu is just as extensive and customizable. I frequently get blackberry sweet tea, but last night I went with a bananas foster milkshake. DD11 had a chocolate-coconut milkshake, and Hubby had a vanilla diet Pepsi. Every single item we had was delicious, including the fresh-cut french fries with cheese sauce.

rating: *****

Family Friendly Atmosphere

Cheeburger Cheeburger is a fun place for families to eat. It is decorated like a 50's diner, with lots of neon and cutouts of 50's stars. There is a wall dedicated to pictures of people who ate the Famous Pounder. Kid's meals come in a souvenir cardboard classic car. In addition to the traditional kids menu with crayons, there are laminated trivia cards at the tables, so the time passes quickly for all age groups. The only caveat is that all seating is tables, and I typically feel more comfortable nursing in the privacy of a booth. Overall, though, this is one of the most fun restaurants around for our kids.

rating: ****


Yes, this is a restaurant we have been to before and will go to again. For us, this is a place that is worth the drive from North Port up to Sarasota, because the burgers are honestly that good. Even the milkshakes alone would make the trip worth it, to be honest. If you love classic diner food and you live in the SRQ area, Cheeburger Cheeburger should be on your short list of places to try.


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