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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Table for Five: Arby's

Ok, so this one is nothing fancy. Arby's is your basic fast food setup, just with (in my opinion) slightly better food. Since DD11 won't eat cheeseburgers, Arby's comes in handy, since she will eat roast beef.

We had a coupon that we got in our mailers this week for Beef N Cheddars for $1.99. We combined this with some of Arby's new dollar menu goodness and ended up spending less than $20 to feed the four of us. The baby, of course, eats for free wherever we go. :)

Arby's food is pretty reliably good. The sandwiches were all tasty, the curly fries are a step up from plain jane fries you'd get elsewhere, and the Jamocha shake is the stuff dreams are made of.

We were lucky, because it wasn't too busy when we went, so we were able to score one of the two round booths. We were comfy and cozy, and if I had needed to nurse the baby, I could have done so in relative privacy.

Arby's is a solid choice for a fast food dinner, and we will happily return to the Venice, FL location.

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