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Friday, December 11, 2009

Table for Seven at Chick Fil A

Okay, so technically there is no table for seven at Chick Fil A. Wednesday night, there was a fundraiser for my dad's school at Chick Fil A in Port Charlotte, so we were there. We ended up sitting in two booths next to each other. The two older kids of course decided to sit with their grandparents, so Hubby and I were at the other booth with the baby in his carrier.

The kids both had six piece nugget meals, and hubby and I had twelve piece meals. Chick Fil A's nuggets are, of course, the best, so we were all happy with our choices. The kids only use ketchup on their nuggets, but I love sauces and tend to have a hard time choosing. I went with Chick Fil A sauce, which is basically a cross between barbecue and honey mustard. Delicious! Hubby, who is not so big on sauces, actually tried it and ended up stealing one of my packets. Luckily, I had planned ahead and asked for four. Mom had a three piece strip meal, and Dad had a sandwich. I was a sucker and got the adorable cow Pez dispensers for the older kids, so our total for seven came to $40.06. Not too bad, overall.

The service, I have to say, was pretty spectacular for a fast food place. Our orders were ready much faster than we expected, and everyone was calm and pleasant despite the crowd. There were even employees circulating around the tables making sure everyone had all the condiments they needed, refilling drinks, and prebussing our tables. I was truly amazed at having my diet lemonade refilled for free and without me even having to get out of my chair.

The kids had a great time, as not only did they get to play on the playground, but there were balloons as well. Overall, I really feel that Chick Fil A outdid themselves. Next time they are having a fundraiser or other event, I'll be there!

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